Sunday, June 22, 2008

Download Windows Server 2008

Somehow I have missed the post at MSDN about downloading windows server 2008. It is already some time out there on the internet for everyone who like to take a look at windows server 2008. So if you feel like giving this a testdrive you can go ahead and download it from MSDN.

If you are not enrolled into a Microsoft Beta testing group you will not have access to pre-release download from Microsoft. The second best Microsoft can offer you is the MSDN Evaluation Centre where you can trails from their new software to find out what it is or to test if it can fit in your infrastructure before purchasing the product.

Accoording to Microsoft this are the top 11 Reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2008:
- Server Consolidation and Resource Optimization—Hyper-V
- Flexible Application Access for Remote Users—TS RemoteApp
- Modular, Minimal Installation—Server Core
- Delivering Rich Web Content and Applications—IIS 7.0
- Improved Network Performance and Control—New TCP/IP Stack
- Preventing Unhealthy Devices from Connecting to the Network—NAP
- Supporting Business Continuity for Demanding Workloads—High Availability Features
- Enabling Secure Collaboration—Active Directory Federated Rights Management
- Connecting Heterogeneous Environments
- Enabling Top-Shelf Service and Support for Remote Sites
- Easing Administration, Management, and Automation—Server Manager and PowerShell

To find more details about why you should upgrade, take a look at this “why upgrade” page.

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