Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Introduction to the Oracle BI Applications

Mark Rittman has just posted a great post about Oracle and BI which I find personally a great post to read. It will go into detail about Oracle BI products and how to implement them, build upon them and use them. It is giving a great first glance on those products including OBIEE one of my personal favorites at the moment.

“Whilst OBIEE is in itself a pretty well featured business intelligence platform, it’s still only a platform and you have to design and build the data warehouse, metadata repository yourself before you can do any reporting. An alternative to this “do it yourself” approach that Oracle have recently been promoting is the Oracle BI Applications, a packaged set of dimensional star schemas, ETL routines and prebuilt reports and dashboards that you can use with OBIEE. So what are the BI Applications, what technology do they use and how do you get started with them?”

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