Monday, July 27, 2009

Oracle GoldenGate LIVE STANDBY

Oracle announced this week that they closed the deal of buying GoldenGate Software. Another company joins the ranks of Oracle. Looking at the products offered by Goldengate some of them look real nice and promising.

If we look at the data integration and high availability solution products of GoldenGate we can find some very nice products. With those new products Oracle is strengthening his position even more for high availability. For example the life standby solution which enables a even better switchover and synchronize solution for oracle databases. Some of the key benefits named on the website are:

• Minimizes business interruption and data loss by enabling a standby database that is always ready for immediate failover
• Offers seamless, real-time data flow between heterogeneous primary and backup databases
• Updates the primary source system with new transactions that occurred during the outage, once it is back online
• Isolates data corruption during replication to provide a reliable and completely up-to-date standby system
• Eliminates geographical distance constraints
• Provides point-in-time data recovery and selective rollback of erroneous transactions
• Applies changed data to the standby system with a user-defined delay when desired
• Detects source system performance issues and alerts IT teams
• Maximizes backup system value by allowing it to also support real-time reporting

If you look at the course Oracle is taking by hosting applications itself, having its own operating systems and even its own hardware you can expect that Oracle will be making its own SaaS datacenters even more robust. Within a short while we could possible see Oracle running on Sun hardware having Oracle Enterprise Linux as the operating system and having things in sync using the solutions from GoldenGate. I really wonder about the roadmap for their new datacenter. In the video below you can see that Oracle is running NetApp in its datacenter in Austin. However, now Oracle and Sun are getting to know one another I would not be surprised if Oracle will make a shift to Sun Storage solutions in the upcoming time. Sun is providing some very nice storage solutions.

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