Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Opensource and openfood

One of the things I love is food, not the food you make when you come home from a hard day of work do. I love the kind of food that you make on a Saturday or Sunday. The kind of food you tend to go from shop to shop to get all the best ingredients. The kind of food where you already think the entire week, I will make this upcoming weekend. The kind of food you can get in a good restaurant and now you prepare it yourself.

Food is a as coding, food is even used in many books about writing code. You have to learn to make it, you have to learn to appreciate it and you need a lot fo good sources who can teach you.

Why do we love opensource software, well we can see how it is made and we can change the parts we do not like. It is in most of the cases free (as in free beer) and a lot of people already tried it, improved it to their likings and shared the improvements.

The same go's for open food, where people make nice real nice food and other people adopt and change some things and during time it is getting better and better. So even if you have nothing with opensource you might love openfood. Just give it a try.

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