Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mobile social networks unype.com

unype.com , a new name for me on the block. unype.com is a mobile social network which uses geographical information to create the social network. You can meet with friends and leave messages while maintaining a list of friends and a online profile. It also allows you to direclty see what and where your friends, or total stranger find some interesting things.

Walking on a street and see a new restaurant, you can send a tweet via twitter however you can also geo-tag it on unype.com so everyone can see it directly when they browse the map of the city.

unype.com is quite a new kid on the block and not fully came to a complete product in my opinion. It needs a lot of tweaking still and a lot more users to create a good community. However, I am very anxious to see how this will go in the upcoming time.

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