Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Installing bashreduce on Ubuntu

I recently tried to install bashreduce on my Ubuntu machine. This is the reason I needed the git-core installed.

To download the bashreduce sourcode you can execute the following command:

git clone git://github.com/erikfrey/bashreduce.git or you can execute git clone http://github.com/erikfrey/bashreduce.git in case your firewall is blocking you from downloading it. It will state " Initialized empty Git repository in /home/johan/bashreduce/.git/" so you know where the repository is created for you. moving to ~/bashreduce will give you the location of the sourcecode. Now if you want to make the sourcecode go to ~/bashreduce/brutils and do a make command:

johan@ubuntu-0:~/bashreduce/brutils$ make
cc -O3 -Wall -c -o brp.o brp.c
cc -o brp brp.o
cc -O3 -Wall -c -o brm.o brm.c
cc -o brm brm.o

Now we have to do a make install to get things up and running:

johan@ubuntu-0:~/bashreduce/brutils$ sudo make install
[sudo] password for johan:
install -c brp /usr/local/bin
install -c brm /usr/local/bin

All set and done, you are ready to use bashreduce on your machine.

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