Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sonte window film

For some reason curtains are something that troubles a lot of people. It troubles some people because the have to pick them and some people it troubles because they have to make sure that hey are installed in front of the windows. Even though I am not a fan of curtains I can see the role they play in your house and that they provide some form of privacy and shielding the sun from time to time. However curtains are already taking a place in houses for hundreds of years and we have seen some "mild" improvements in them nothing to fancy has happend to them. That is at least in my opinion while a curtain specialist might differ from opinions with me.

However, now a startup company is providing a en way of thinking about curtains that is exciting me. A company called Sonte has produced a film which can be applied to your windows and can shield them and make them less transparant. The level of transparency can be adjusted to the situation and can even be controlled from a mobile device.

Sonte has started a kickstarter project to raise funding however for some, currently unknown, reason stopped the fundraising. Hopefully this is due to the fact they found one single company that is willing to invest into the Sonte window film.

What makes the idea from Sonte so exciting is that you will be able to controle your windows via a mobile app. This also should potentially give you the options to connect the Sonte window film to your home automation and add this to a more general way of controlling your house. Think about options where you can blind your house from remote, have it scheduled or make it reliant on the heat inside your house in combination with the location of the sun and the level of sunlight that is hitting your windows. We only have to hope that Sonte will include an API to its product that people will be able to build hooks into home automation solutions to control this from a more central console then only the Sonte applications.

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