Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adding a V to the four V Big Data thinking

Companies are trying to define big data in a way this is understandable for business users. We have seen some models in which the 4V model is used to explain this. Oracle has defined the 4 V's for big data as Volume, Velocity, Variety and Value. Recently IBM has released his own version of a 4V model where they state the 4 V's have a different meaning. In the IBM model it is stated as Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. It is interesting to see that both companies use a different meaning of the 4 V's however both use it to give angles to the concept of big data. Downside of this is that it is sending a rather confusing message into the market as two players have both the same wording however use if slightly different and give it a different meaning.

Below we can see the Oracle representation of the 4V model for Big Data:

And here we have the IBM meaning of the 4V model for Big Data:

Both are true and do carry a good message however somehow it is confusing and both do not carry the full message. By having both a value of truth in them I would rather promote a 5V model which, potentially could be represented as shown below.

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