Saturday, July 06, 2013

Data Dimensions: Good governance in a big data world

Andy Cameron, the Capgemini head of Business Information Managent is talking in this video about big-data and also about the whole concept of data and data quality. Data is not always what people think it is, a bunch of numbers stored in a database. Data, when used in a correct way can mean the difference between success for your business or failure when interpreted in the wrong way. Also collecting data and storing this in other ways then companies are used to currently brings not only advantages. it also brings responsibility to ensure this data is secured and handled in the correct way with respect to the privacy of employees and customers.

We currently see an explosion in big-data and business intelligence requests and projects within companies. This is one of the reasons that companies will need more and more data scientists and mathematicians in the future then they need currently. A couple of years ago the term / role of data scientists was virtually none existing, today you see more and more demand for this role within enterprise size companies. Below is a infographic made by EMC2 which shows the future of the data scientist role.

The explosion in digital data, bandwidth, and processing power – combined with new tools for analyzing the data – has sparked massive interest in the field of data science. Organizations of all sizes are turning to people who are capable of translating this trove of data – created by mobile sensors, social media, surveillance, medical imaging, smart grids, and the like – into predictive insights that lead to business value. Despite the growing opportunity, demand for data scientists is outpacing the supply of talent and will do so for the next five years.

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