Sunday, July 21, 2013

more WiFi doorlocks

Some post ago I mentioned the the Lockitron project that was building a addition that can be placed on a doorlock to enable you to control it via WiFi. Already I stated that other vendors are developing solutions like this and that most of them require you to completely replace the lock. Even though that statement still holds there are some projects that deserve some attention because they build a great product that enables you to control your locks with a mobile device. Two that come to mind are the August Smart Lock and the Goij Smart lock. Both are amazing cool products and both are build by a startup.

The August Smart Lock is a bit more "complicated" then the Lockitron project as this requires you to replace your lock where the Lockitron is something you place over your existing lock.

It looks like a trend to create a cool video to promote the products of a startup and both August and Goij are not an exception to this.

Here you can see the video from August:

And we have a video from Goij

Goij is adding some nice features which are not seen with August or with Lockitron in the form of messages you can display on your lock. Again with both products, it is not clear if there will be an API available. In my opinion providing an API with products like this should be always included. This will enable developers with options to build upon cool products and ensure it is more included within other products.

As we see more and more connected devices coming to the market and all have there own mobile application this makes that you will have a large amount of applications on your mobile device, one to control your lock, one to control you music, one to control your shades, one to control,....... in a more ideal setup you have one application to control all you connected devices in your house to ensure you are not overloaded with different applications on your mobile device.

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