Friday, July 22, 2011

Oracle hardnofiles softnofiles resolved

When you are installing a Oracle product under Linux you might run into an issue with the setting for hardnofiles and softnofiles which are set for the user running the installer and who will finally run the software on your server.

The failed check during installation will look something like the one below;

Checking for hardnofiles=4096; hardnofiles=1024. Failed <<<<
Checking for softnofiles=4096; softnofiles=1024. Failed <<<<

you can resolve this by setting a new limit for the user who will be installing and running the software (most likely the user Oracle) or by setting it system wide. To set it system wide you have to edit the file /etc/security/limits.conf and add the following lines to it;

* soft nofile 65536
* hard nofile 65536

you can change 65536 to any value you think is needed. If you do not want to make it a system wide value and have it set for a specific user you can change * for the username you want to set it for. For example change * for oracle and this value will only be set for Oracle.

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