Friday, July 22, 2011

Oracle database failed prerequisite

When you install a Oracle product you will hit the prerequisite page at one point in time. This will tell you what is missing on your system with respect to packages, kernel parameters and things like this. If you have a clean install of Oracle Linux you will hot some of those. In the below screenshot you see an example.

Something new is that you will now have an option to have some of those fixed automatically. Click the "Fix & Check Again" button and you will see that a script named is created under /tmp/.... you have to run this as root and this will solve some of your issues. This is much more easy than setting all the kernel parameters by hand.

[root@OEM CVU_11.]# ./
Response file being used is :./fixup.response
Enable file being used is :./fixup.enable
Log file location: ./orarun.log
Setting Kernel Parameters...
kernel.sem = 250 32000 100 128
fs.file-max = 6815744
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 9000 65500
net.core.rmem_default = 262144
net.core.wmem_default = 262144
net.core.rmem_max = 4194304
net.core.wmem_max = 1048576
fs.aio-max-nr = 1048576
uid=500(oracle) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),501(oper),502(dba)
[root@OEM CVU_11.]#

Even do this is quite quick it is always good to know how this can also be done by hand, so do it also every now and then by hand just to keep your knowledge of Linux up to date.
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