Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oracle mobile project management

"iPhone App, Enhancements Available in Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management", this presentation is shared by Oracle online and free for you to watch. From a personal experience and from a personal point of view I think that Oracle is making a great move at this point to intergrate project management and portfolio applications with mobile applications. This is not all the presentation is touching however for me it is a important part. 

Why is the mobile option such a big deal? When you are working on a project, or in my case on multiple projects the same time you most likley will be running from place to place and you are always in need of the latest information. This is why I love e-mail on my mobile, you can send and read your mail always on the go and now you also have the option to look into the details of a project and add information to the project. This is especially handy when you are commuting daily by train and have some time on your hands while waiting for the train to come or when you are on the train. Making things more mobile and available always, everywhere and on all devices is in my personal opinion the way to go forward. 

We will see this trend picking up in the upcoming years and I expect that we will see more and more applications in the business area adding a mobile part to it. For some companies this will not be a very big plus however for most companies this is a very big thing and it will help you as a employee to work always and everywhere you want. The new applications from Oracle do have a native app for the iPhone and the iPad and do have options to connect to other mobile devices, for example Android, by making use of a mail interface. If you would like to view the presentation please refer to the Oracle site at this location.

The transcript of the presentation reads:

The latest release of Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management offers many significant enhancements, including a new iPhone app and a streamlined architecture that enables companies to more effectively plan and operate business processes.

The new release’s integration with e-mail and smart phones improves communication among project managers, schedulers, and field personnel to ensure that projects stay on track and delays are minimized. Teams can comment on tasks via e-mail, view project to-do lists, and distribute photos via their mobile devices.

Other key benefits allow organizations to

    * Unite project teams and stakeholders with a host of collaboration and feedback capabilities

    * Reduce the risks of cost and schedule overruns

    * Better optimize resources for maximum ROI

    * Clearly monitor and visualize project performance versus plans to help workgroups achieve project commitments

The new release is designed for easy scalability—to aid a single person overseeing a small project, or tens of thousands of users engaged in millions of complex activities across hundreds of projects. And the application’s role-based capabilities address each team member’s needs and responsibilities. For example, senior managers can view real-time performance summaries for the organization while interactive dashboards, Web applications, and simple forms help workers across all levels easily communicate status updates and issue scope changes.

Interactive activity Gantt charts allow planners, schedulers, and project managers to communicate a more accurate and complete graphical representation of a project’s schedule. Top-down or bottom-up resource requests and staffing processes help groups match the right people with projects. And finally, calendar and activity network views provide team members with a clear view of ongoing assignments. 

I you like to see the presentation slides without the audio and just want to have a quick look please check the document below;

iPhone App Oracle's Primavera P6

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Ashwin said...

This is of course a fantastic way to manage things on-the-go! But I think this will remain exclusive only to the folks on top of the IT food chain dude.. Most companies, atleast over here, access to applications through Blackberry or iPhone is only for Vice Presidents and above.. because of the cost and security involved, or so I hear.. Not the same there, no?

Johan Louwers said...

Not sure where you are currently located however in NL you see mobile coming more and more to the whole company. I would not know what to do without mail on my phone for example.

Manesha said...


I have gone through the blog..Really informative yes off-course this a fantastic to manage the app on mobile. looking forward for another post.