Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oracle managed file transfer

Whenever someone asks a Linux administrator that a file will be generated on a regular basis and this needs to be transferred to another location, another server or even to another company the solution is commonly that a small bash script will be created. Over time one small bash script will become two scripts, will become a ten scripts and then become an unknown and undocumented number of scripts. Created one by one in an organic growth model. In essence we have to realize that even though this is a quick and dirty solution which is often being practiced this is not the correct solution.

When you are seriously looking for a managed way of securely transferring files you cannot rely on a number of bash scripts being started by cron. You will need to have a more solid solution. Oracle provides a solution from this in the form of MFT or Oracle Managed File Transfer. I recently wrote a paper on this which can be found on this site. Also a short slidedeck can be found on my slideshare page.

And, if you want a quick a dirty intro with a video, you can find one below.

And, even though I love to create a bash script under Linux and use this for my own systems at home, I have to admit that using a solution like that is not something you really want in a production environment. In case you really need to securely move files in an enterprise environment the MFT solution is something you should look at. 

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