Friday, February 19, 2016

Oracle Enterprise Manager purge options

When working with Oracle Enterprise manager 13C and working with the software library you do have the need from time to time to clean up things. When removing things from the software library it is however good to realize one thing, you only remove the link in the software library to the file located on the disk.

This means that you do NOT delete the file physically from the disk and this means you will not free space on your storage when you delete files in the Oracle Enterprise Manager software Library. When working with small scripts this might not be an issue, however for cases where you work with templates for virtuals machines this can be significant.

Deleting implies you will free space on storage. As you might notice this is not happening. To ensure you delete it also from storage you will have to first delete the file from the software library and then do a purge action to free the storage and physically delete them from the Oracle Management Repository.

The screenshot above shows the actual purge action you will need to undertake to free storage and delete the files physically from the Oracle Management Repository.

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