Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager for database 12c

The database has been the center of the Oracle corporation for as long as the company exists and will most likely be the core of the company for upcoming years. We see that Oracle is building more and more applications and with the merger with Sun Microsystems they are now also investing in Hardware. Within the vision from Oracle is most an end-to-end Oracle architecture and they do have most of the components now to achieve this. However, the database is still one of the core parts of the company. Oracle has strengthen the database position within the product portfolio with the release of the Oracle database 12C release which is developed for multi-tenancy and cloud computing.

Within the vision from Oracle is also that they manage the complete lifecycle of applications (and databases) and that during the full lifecycle this is managed and monitored from the Oracle Enterprise Manager application which is the center of the Oracle manageability strategy.

In the below video you can see how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C is tying in to the Oracle database 12C product and will enable administrators to monitor and manage databases during the entire lifecycle.

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