Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oracle network sniffer tool

For all developers who have been working on software that is doing “something” on the network there has been a moment that you have been analyzing what really happened between two points. Your code should make sure a certain set of data is send from A to B however you have a strange feeling that it is not doing quite what you want it to do during runtime. A common way of checking what really happens is diving into the network stream and capturing the network traffic with a network sniffer to find out. Most people how have been looking into the network communication have been using like Ettercap for example. Ettercap is used by a wide group of developers, network experts, security experts and hackers to capture all things traveling over the network. Other tools are also available however Ettercap is one of the more know tools and easy in use.

When you are developing Oracle ADF applications you do want to check what is really happening on a network level from time to time. Especially when you are trying to speed up your application and are looking to remove all overhead in the network layer to keep it as lean as possible.

Oracle is providing a HTTP analyzer and is shipping it with Oracle JDeveloper. In the below video you can see a quick example of how to setup the Oracle HTTP analyzer for ADF round-trip monitoring. 

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