Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Integrated SOA gateway generate WSDL

Oracle e-Business Suite ships with an Integrated SOA gateway which can be used to generate webservices. This will help you to expose Oracle eBS functionality to other applications via a webservice.  The Integration repository is filled with possible API’s you can use however which are not deployed by default. If you like to deploy them you will have to generate a WSDL for them.

Issue is that by default you will not have the option to create a WSDL when you grant yourself the Oracle eBS responsibility “integrated SOA gateway”. If you select this responsibility and search for a API you would like to turn into a webservice you will see a page like the one below. There should be a button stating “generate WSDL” however as you can see this one is missing.

You need to take some steps before this button will become available.

1) Login to the system as the user SYSADMIN or as a user who has been granted the role “security Administrator”. On how to grant this role see this blogpost

2) Select the responsibility User Management and query for the user  you would like to grant the “generate WSDL” option.

3) Grant this user the role “Irep Administrator”.

Now you should be able to generate a WSDL and expose the functionality to other applications via a webservice.

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