Monday, August 18, 2008

Vertical Ad Networks

A new trend in online marketing and placing ad’s online is coming silent in to play. Vertical Ad Networks, those networks are run by companies who are solely targeting for a specific target group. Most ad companies you see today are the companies who do a horizontal ad’s, placing a ad on as many site’s as possible who have a slight relation to the subject of the ad which is promoted.

As you pay per click and your add is placed on a large number of site’s you will have a good click ratio in horizontal ad networks however the people who will be clicking will only be the people who are on mainstream website’s. The mainstream websites have the largest number of visitors and because of this the biggest success of having a visitor clicking on your add.

Having a large number of people clicking on your add may seems like a good thing, the thing which however makes the money is what they do after that. Because of the fact that those ‘ad clickers’ are visitors are visitors of main stream websites indicates that they are not the “true believers”, the real searches. When you have your add on a very niche website who is dedicated to for example only “fiber optic NAS equipment” the visitors will be for 90% people who are interested in fiber optic NAS equipment so placing an add with a Vertical Ad Network on this website will attract more people to you new fiber optic NAS server website.

If you place the same add on NAS equipment website you will have loads of people who will be clicking on the link because they like to find out about NAS equipment however as soon as they find out yours is only fiber optic enabled they will navigate to another website.

The vertical ad networks are trying to find all the corners of the internet where there is discussion about your specific network, they are looking for the thought leaders and the real buzz makers. Because they specialize in only one or two area’s they will know how to market and place your add’s and that way give you more value for your money.

Instead of having your add shown a thousand times on all kinds of websites you can now better target your audience and make sure your add is resulting in more real-world actions like having customers buying your products. This trend is started in the travel market and is now spreading to other market segments. If you are looking for a Vertical Ad Network in your market and you cannot find one,…start one. Starting a small company in a entrepreneur way in Vertical Ad Networking is a small investment and is paying off quickly as we have learned from other entrepreneurs. This is the reason we will be seeing more and more Vertical Ad Networks in the upcoming time.

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