Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Google API powerd websites

Google is releasing API after API which enable users to incorporate some of the Google power into own websites and applications. And we can see some of the benefits online. Websites coming online giving you content that would never have been available without Google products.

This concept is working two ways, Google is plugging their application on more and more websites and if they ever will start playing adds before showing you the content of a clip on youtube they will be on millions of websites the moment they flip the switch. On the other hand developers are benefiting from the coding done by Google and the backend servers which the API is talking to.

Some examples of websites powerd by google API’s:

TOTLOL is a video website where you can place a kid behind without any problem, the website is showing video content from youtube for 6 month olds till 6 year olds.

Thematicmapping is used to generate visual representations of data on the world globe in Google earth. You can quickly see your data represented geographically.

You can find more project on this google weblog:

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