Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2008 Survey on the IT Business Balance

Deloitte has release the results of the 2008 Survey on the IT Business Balance, CEO’s where asked to give there comments to create the report.

• 25% of respondents said that the main focus of strategic discussions between top management and IT is purely financial;
• less than 25% believe that IT projects will significantly contribute to business growth in the next three years (i.e. projects related to product innovation, take-overs, mergers and a thorough go-to-market strategy);
• 40% of business respondents are rather pessimistic about the success ratio of IT projects and state that one in three projects is not finished within the deadlines or budget;
• 71% of respondents believe that their senior management is more or less comfortable with outsourcing certain activities. This figure is higher than in 2007. However, 38% of companies limit themselves to body shopping and insourcing;
• 30% of respondents state they were never involved in IT-related incidents. One can wonder whether this reflects the reality and whether it is not rather linked to a lack of transparency around incidents.

You can download the report from the Deloitte page.

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