Sunday, April 27, 2008

Derailleur gear

For some reason I always have trouble with a derailleur gear when fixing my bike (or the one of my girlfriend). For some reason I am always hassling on the question of how this thing in the name of St. Isidorus was ever connected to the rest of the bike. So now I will make a post on my weblog only for my personal interest mainly so I can always look it up on how this thing needs to be connected.

Installing a derailleur needs to be done as the picture below: This will save me a lot of trips down to my other bike to check how it is done there. (sorry for the people not interested in how a derailleur needs to be connected to a bike, this is a pure personal interest post for me…. Please forgive me). More information about the inner working? Look at the patent site, patent number: 3974707.

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