Monday, April 21, 2008

Daily web finds 2.0

Today I like to introduce a new kind of topic on my weblog. Normally I post quite randomly things I encounter on the web. Interesting things, fun thing, etc etc…. However this is somewhat disturbing the main interest fields of this weblog, for the people who are already confused this is Google, Oracle, Linux/UNIX and SQL coding. Now I like to introduce a new topic I for which I like to post a daily post named “Daily web finds 2.0”. The “daily web finds” part I do not have to explain I think, the 2.0 part is because I have had a “service” like this before which I send out via e-mail to a select list of people a couple of years back. Now I like to restart this by making a post of it on my weblog.

I hope to maintain this on a daily basis however it can happen that I sometimes do not have the time or that the idea sounds fun at this moment however will become a pain within time which will mean I will stop posting the “Daily web finds 2.0”. So here is number one and this will set a example of what I want it to be… this can however change during time.

Global Enterprise Web 2.0 Market Forecast: 2007 To 2013
Forrester research today released a research paper by Oliver Young named Global Enterprise Web 2.0 Market Forecast: 2007 To 2013.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies will grow strongly over the next five years, reaching $4.6 billion globally by 2013, with social networking, mashups, and RSS capturing the greatest share. In all, the market for enterprise Web 2.0 tools will be defined by commoditization, eroding prices, and subsumption into other enterprise collaboration software over the next five years; it will eventually disappear into the fabric of the enterprise, despite the major impacts the technology will have on how businesses market their products and optimize their workforces.

Imtech reports 90 million for datacenters
Imtech reports that is has received orders to build and or upgrade datacenters in Europe for a 90 million euro in the upcoming time. Imtech is one of the leading datacenter builders in Europe and analysts see this figure a key indicator for the continuing grow in the Europe’s IT land.

Motorola gets part of VirtualLogix
Motorola today announced it is investing into VirtualLogix. VirtualLogix is specialized in creating virtual machine solutions for mobile platforms. A good working mobile virtual platform would enable a mobile phone to run custom code in a save box on top of the host operating system. This would isolate custom code from the original code of the vendor and makes running custom downloaded application on your mobile phone a lot safer.

A work in progress
Steve Ballmer today admitted that Microsoft Vista is not finished and certainly was not finished when it hit the market. Today he called it “A work in progress” meaning there is still work to be done before it is completed. Most likely Microsoft decided to launch the product because Microsoft stock was going down because the release was postponed and again postponed. Service pack 1 is to be released and should solve most critical problems however would not solve all problems.

IBM press release
IBM Launches Mobile Web Initiative to Transform Consumer and Business Experiences. This is the title of a new IBM press release. At the 10th anniversary commemoration of IBM's India Research Lab, the company today unveiled a new initiative to bring even more features and functions to mobile devices as they continue to rival the PC as the primary tool for Web-based business, education, communication, entertainment and more.

The new IBM Research program will entail a number of efforts to bring simple, easy-to-use services to the millions of people in the world who have bypassed using the personal computer as their primary method of accessing technology, and are instead using their mobile phone to access the web, conduct financial transactions, entertain themselves, shop and more.

"The world is entering the 'Era of the Mobile Web.' In many countries, the mobile phone has become an electronic wallet, the window to the World Wide Web, an education device and more, and globally, mobile devices outnumber PCs, credit cards, and TVs," said Dr. Daniel Dias, Director, IBM India Research laboratory. "Today, we are launching projects that will make a mobile device an even easier to use than the PC, allowing you to do everything you can with a PC and much more.", 25 leading-edge IT research projects is running a story on the 25 leading-edge IT research projects. While companies like Google and IBM are showing with new developments universities are conducting also very nice research and having great results. Now here is a gathering of the top 25 research projects which are evenly cool as the once promoted in a big way.

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