Friday, October 14, 2016

Obtaining OPCinit for Oracle Linux

When deploying an Oracle Linux instance on the Oracle Public Cloud you will most likely use the Oracle Linux default templates. That is, up until the moment the moment that you need more than what is provided by the template.

It might very well be that at one point in time you feel that scripting additional configuration to be used after deployment is no longer satisfactions and for some reason you would like to have your own private template. Oracle provide some good documentation on how to do this. You can read some of this at the "Using Oracle Compute Cloud Service" documentation under the "Building Your Own Machine Images" section.

The documentation however lacks one very important point, you can find references about using OPCinit when creating your template. Up until recent the entire OPCinit was missing online and you would not be able to download it. You could reverse engineer OPCinit from an existing template and use it however the vanilla download was not available and it was not available on the Oracle Linux YUM repository.

Now Oracle has solved this by providing a download link to a zip file containing two RPM's you can use to install in your template that will ensure it will make use of OPCinit.

You can download OPCinit from the Oracle website on this location. Unfortunate it is not available on the public Oracle Linux YUM repository so you have to download it manually.

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