Friday, November 01, 2013

Drive visitors to your B2C website

When you are operating a business 2 consumer website, or any other form of website for that matter you do want to drive people to your website. When operating a B2C service you do tend to the more consumer based social networks to help you in this approach. In general the believe is that, when you like to spread the word of your service, you need to interact on facebook and twitter. Specially twitter is seen as a driving force and solution to interact with customers and it is generally thought that it would drive visitors to your website.

Below graph is created by Statista and shows what drives traffic to your website.

Not very much surprising is that facebook is a large contributor in driving traffic to your website. What is extreme interesting is that Pinterest is driving a lot of traffic to the publishers websites and that this is a lot more then what is coming from twitter. Issue with the above numbers is that they are not plotted on type of website. Twitter might for example be used much more in B2B and in tech. websites.

Reading the above numbers of how pinterest is driving traffic to websites it is good to understand what the demographic breakdown is of the pinterest user community.

The above demographic data from the pinterest community shows that 80% of the users is female and that the largest age group is 25 - 34. Not surprising is that 50% of the users do have children.

So, what is this meaning. Pinterest is most likely not on the top of your social networks you think you should interact on to drive more customers to your website. However, you should benchmark your target audience to the pinterest community. If you, for example, operate a B2C fashion website which focuses on female clothing you very much should focus on this. If you do want to focus on this there are a number of things you should keep in mind to make this a success.

Have a strategie;
Ensure you have a clear strategy of who you want to engage, how you would like to interact with users on Pinterest. Ensure that you have a clear step by step approach on what you will publish when and how you will ensure that users will start spreading your pictures.

Have a recognizable image style;
When people see an image it would be good if they recognize on the first glimpse that it is coming from your company. It might however not be the best practice to have your logo or you name in full over the image. A identifying style is better and making the images look great / look cool or look funny will make it that people are more willing to re-pin them on their own pinterest boards.

Make sure you can measure;
Having your images on pinterest is nice, however, at some point in time you do want to know if your images and your work is resulting in sales and what the effect is. Ensuring you have the correct techniques in place to capture this and to analyse it will be key of tune your strategy. With good reporting you will be able to find out what is working and what is not and how to change things to get more success.

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