Friday, December 31, 2010

Oracle VM invalid compressed data to inflate

Installing a Oracle VM template is a quite easy job, however, you might run into a unexpected error in some cases. My home test setup is that I have my Oracle VM running_pool and my seed_pool on a NFS server running Debian. I downloaded all the files needed for the installation of Oracle VM Template for Enterprise Manager Grid Control x86 (32 bit). If you look at the documentation on the Oracle website you have to simple unzip them, this is what the Oracle guide states:

# cd /OVS/seed_pool
# unzip
# unzip
# unzip
# unzip

In most cases this should work, the issue is that the zip files (the first 3 of them) contain files that are larger than 4 GB. the zip (or unzip in this case) algorithm is not very happy with files larger than 4 GB. You might encounter a issue like "error: invalid compressed data to inflate". I was under the impression something was not downloaded correctly so I downloaded it again however it gave me the same error and after checking the MD5 it was clear the files where not corrupted.

After some work on google I found a possible solution around this by using 7zip. however a more fine solution is also available without having to install another decompression tool.

This is also working (and more easy):

gunzip -c > OVM_EM_111_1of4.tgz
gunzip -c > OVM_EM_111_2of4.tgz
gunzip -c > OVM_EM_111_3of4.tgz
gunzip -c > OVM_EM_111_4of4.tgz

After this the manual continues and you have to execute the following command:

cat OVM_EM_111_?of4.tgz | tar -xzvf -

Now you will have a directory named OVM_EM_111 with your files in it which can be used to setup a new system from you Oracle VM Management console.

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