Monday, April 12, 2010

Pick the right addwords

Addwords is one of the money machines from Google. This is a way for every business to place adds on inside the Google search results and on pages where people have placed Google adds. For a pre-set amount you can show your advertisement text to the world. All this is done based upon keywords you have to provide or as Google states it in the below video:

“You choose your keywords, words and phrases that relate to your business and your ass appear when people search for that terms.”

So one of the most important things is to pick keywords that relate to your business and as this is costing you money and it will be money wasted if your adds will be shown by keywords that do not relate to your business or the people searching for something. So Picking them can be a tricky business. You can find a short video below on picking them correct:

So the keywords are for the people who are looking for you, you might know all the ins and outs of your business and your products however your potential customers might not. So pick words people are searching for and that might be in many cases not be a product name or something like that. People are looking for an ISP not for yourISPname.

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