Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Not a valid responsibility for the current user

Some behavior I noticed in Oracle EBS release 11 ( turns out to be still in Oracle release 12. When you add yourself a responsibility which makes use of JSP pages it might happen that if you try to enter one of those screens you get a error message something like:

“iStore and Sales Management is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator. “

Here can substitute “iStore and Sales Management” with whatever responsibility you have added and makes use of JSP pages. It also turns out that from the JSP page menu you are unable to see the newly added responsibility.

The issue is that the webserver cache is still thinking you do not have been granted this responsibility and because of this it is throwing you this error page. A solution is to flush the cache. You can flush the cache by (A)rebooting the apache webserver, (B)deleting the cache object by hand or (C) using the Oracle EBS Applications Administration pages.

The Applications Administration responsibility is providing you the option to flush the cache manually without having to reboot the apache webserver or diving into the cache objects. A downside of this is that those pages are also not form object but JSP pages so if you do not have this responsibility already you will not be able to use it.

Go to Application Administration and the “Core Services” tab, select the sub-tab “Caching Framework” and on this page select “Global Configuration”. On this page you will find a button “Clear All Cache” You will receive a warning like this:

“Clicking on 'Yes' will clear all the caches across all the mid-tiers. This will impact performance. Are you sure you want to proceed? “

This is not a false warning, as all java objects will have to be JIT compiled again and placed in the cache your applications will be slower until they are used at least once. So you might want to time the moment you do this. However, after clicking the button the cache will be flushed and you will have the ability to access the responsibility without any issue.

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