Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oracle R12 Item attribute controls

When you setup Oracle E-Business suite and when you are thinking about items and items setup you might want to consider item attribute controls. If you have a company with more than one location which are defined as organizations in your Oracle E-Business instance you might not want to give all organizations the power to control all the attributes which can be set for a item.

In general the way that Oracle is handling items is that the items are created in a item master organization and after they are created they are assigned to the organizations who will do transactions with those items. If you have for example a master organization and organizations per country It is a good idea to give the country organizations the option to change the description of the item because they most likely will like to have the description in their own language. On the other hand the physical attributes like weight and dimensions will stay the same. To ensure that those settings are not lost you would like to control that on organization level they can change some things and other can not be changed.

To ensure this you can setup Item attribute controls. In the below screenshot you can see the screen where this is done in Oracle e-Business Suite Release 12 (oracle ebs R12).

Here you can set per tab/field for every item where it is controlled, on master level or on organization level. This can be controlled via the Inventory responsibility, go to Setup – Items – Attribute Controls. Here you will be presented with a screen similar as the screen below. This will allow you to set every item attribute to be controlled on master level or on organization level. Specialy for large companies who have a item information department this can be very handy. Also complicacy rules can ask for such security to be in place.


Becky said...

Can the List Price be controlled in this fashion? For example, can the List Price be Org specific, whereby each Org may have a different List Price?

Johan Louwers said...

becky, you can controle the list price by using Oracle advanced pricing. You will find all kind of options you like to controle this price. Have you looked into Oracle advanced pricing to resolve your issue?