Monday, November 10, 2008

Oracle forms find user

When working with Oracle forms 11i you can find yourself in the position you see a large load on your system and you are able to find the process ID. Now the trick is to find the oracle apps user which is associated with the UNIX process id. Metalink is advising you some things and this script can come handy when you need to find the user:

column "User Name" format a10
column "ClPID" format a8

d.user_name "User Name",
b.sid SID,b.serial# "Serial#", c.spid "srvPID", a.SPID "ClPID",
to_char(START_TIME,'DD-MON-YY HH:MM:SS') "STime"
fnd_logins a, v$session b, v$process c, fnd_user d
b.paddr = c.addr
and a.spid = b.process
and d.user_id = a.user_id
and (d.user_name = 'USER_NAME' OR 1=1)
and a.SPID = &PID

"This note can help in case that your f60webmx process id very intense or high
CPU usage / memory and you want to identify who has created that session. The script output can also help to determine the apps user that used Ctrl-Alt-Del to close an Oracle Applications 11i session and that session hung on the Forms-tier/DB-tier."

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