Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oracle VM and thin clients

Most people who are looking into start using Oracle VM for server virtualization are overlooking one big advantage of using Oracle VM. You can use Oracle VM also for the virtualizaton of your desktop environments. More and more companies are starting to deploy thin clients in the enterprise so they can cut costs on expensive desktops and only have to deploy thin clients who run the operating system via the network on a central server. This central server can also be a 'free' Oracle VM server where you run all the desktops on.

Ericom is providing a free 'gateway' between your thin clients and Oracle VM. It is free up to 500 users. You should read carefully what you can get free and what not. However, fact remains that you can setup a thin client environment by using Oracle VM which can be a great benefit for your organization in terms of saving power, saving on expensive desktops and cutting down the cost of desktop maintenance.

Also check the video below, the video might not work from time to time because 'for some reason' the user who uploaded it did a 'do not embed' request. If it is not working try this link to the video.

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