Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Linux distro

What is the best Linux distribution? A question I am afraid of giving a answer to. Most of the linux distributions today are quite good. Some are more applicable for this field and others are better for using in an other field. Then we have the emotional part, people who have been around in the Linux communtie have maybe helped building Linux distributions and therefor tend more to this particular distribution.

However, Ken Hess is not afraid of giving an answer on this question and he has written an article on stating the following list:

01 Ubuntu
02 Debian
03 CentOS
04 Red-Hat
05 Knoppix
06 Gentoo
07 Fedora
08 Mandriva
09 Slackware
10 SuSe

you can read all about the why and how on the daniweb webpage.

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