Monday, September 22, 2008

Compellent storage and Oracle VM

"Compellent Supports Oracle(R) VM to Deliver Advanced, Virtual Storage and Server Infrastructure". Compellent today announced that they will expand their products and services in such a way that it will optimally work with Oracle VM. This, in combiantion with the announchement today from Qlogic that they now will ship Oracle VM certified hardware, will make the adoption of Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Linux in 'high storage demanding' enviroments even more logical. Besides this it is also giving a good alternative for those customers who like to have an other storage solution than using EMC or NetApp.

"Compellent and Oracle are aligned in our approach to helping organizations realize the full benefits of a virtual enterprise, and we work together to certify and provide solutions that are seamlessly interoperable," said Bruce Kornfeld, vice president of marketing, Compellent. "Oracle's expertise on the server side, and our storage credentials, are enabling companies to improve performance and availability of business critical applications while reducing costs and simplifying IT management."

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