Friday, July 11, 2008

Solar charger for Nokia phones

I am using my mobile phone a lot, and I have to recharge my phone a lot because for one part my battery is not as it used to be and for the other part I make a lot of calls with my cellphone. Sometimes I am not in the position to recharge my phone, think about when you are camping, yes I carry my work phone with me during my holidays, think about when commuting in the train. The Dutch trains do not (yet) have a powersupply for the travelers.

The solution is then to have a solar powered charger. I knew a friend have orderd one form Japan some time ago. However in Holland you can now get them from some stores. So I have purchased a solar power charger and I have to say,…. I love it… and I will keep using it. So from now on I will be charging my phone green whenever I can. There will however be times I cannot, think about in the middle of the night after a call intensive day. If you are in the Netherlands and like to purchase one of those go and have a look at MyCom.

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