Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SmartApps Oracle E-Business suite SaaS hosting

For the company I am currently working for as an Oracle functional and technical consultant I have to give a presentation from time to time. The first couple of slides are almost every time the same, SmartApps is a Oracle SaaS hosting company and is doing Oracle E-Business suite implementations. SmartApps is targeting the SMB companies with a tendency to the mid market companies. Also we do work for some of the bigger companies in the world for Oracle products.

Some things about datacenters, solutions, the way we use a accelerator solution to implement Oracle E-Business suite…. Now I have made a standard opening. Remember this is version 1.0 so I will be changed it is however giving you a good first view about SmartApps B.V.

I have posted it on slideshare.com which is a great site.

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