Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oracle E-business suite laptop

Last week I went to Paris to give a 2-day workshop about Oracle E-business suite. While working on the preparations we where discussing the possibilities of connections from France back to the datacenter in the Netherlands. Concerned about possible problems with firewalls which would prevent us from setting up a proper VPN connection we decided to run Oracle E-Business suite on a 4 Gig memory laptop instead of taking the changes on the VPN connection. Initially I installed Oracle Unbreakable Linux on a laptop and my colleague Bas Klaassen cloned a existing Oracle E-business suite to the laptop.

After returning from my 2 day session I have to say that the performance of the laptop was super and as good as running it on a full-fetched server. Remember this was a situation that only one or a very limited number of people where working on the machine. Even do, the performance was great!

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