Thursday, March 13, 2008

Google YouTube API

Google released a set of API’s for youtube which will give developers the freedom to build their own code which will interact with the YouTube database. We are already used to the fact that Google releases almost for every product or service a set of API’s so it was only a matter of time.

They released a JAVA API consisting of a set of Java classes and a PHP API. To use the PHP client library, you must be running PHP >= 5.1.4. You also need to be using Zend_Gdata >= 1.5RC2, which is distributed as part of the Zend Framework. To use the Java client library, you must be running Java 1.5. After downloading the client library, you'll find the classes you need to get started in the java/lib/gdata-client-1.0.jar and java/lib/gdata-youtube-1.0.jar files.

There are also some Player API’s which can be used, a Javascript API and a flash API. The complete information about the new API's can be found on the google code pages.

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