Tuesday, February 05, 2008

new version of woraauthbf

woraauthbf has a new version. Laszlo launched a new version of the Oracle password cracking tool on the Sooner or Later website.

Some main errors are fixed in the new release

* It calculated the possible number of password in the bf mode as 26^6 instead of 26+26^2+26^3 ... etc. It checked less than the possible number of passwords.

* There was a problem in the bin to hex conversation function. It caused problems with certain hashes and affected the authentication functions. It did not affect the hash function.

* There were some problems in the concurrent data access in the authentication functions. It was found when more than three threads were running.

And some of the new Features:

* Test the user names and permutations of the user names as password

* If there is a default.txt it loads and checks it as the list of default passwords. The included default.txt was generated from the site www.petefinnigan.com.
For more information and for the source and compiled version go to http://soonerorlater.hu/index.khtml?article_id=513

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