Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Multipoint computer interaction

Edward Tse, a student at the University of Calgary is working on supporting people's natural interactions over digital surfaces such as large tables and wall displays.

Application areas include tabletop gaming, military command and control, air traffic control and hospital emergency rooms. Here you can find a couple of nice video's on how this is done. Research like this is most likely a view into the future on how we will communicate with computers in the years to come. Multi point interaction where you will use not one but mutliply "mouse" pointers, your voice, your eyes and maybe even the expression of your face. Those new ways of communicating will, in my opinion become more and more reality in the upcomming years. And to be honest I can't wait to have a even more intimet way of communicating with my applications.

Also good to have a look at is this older post I made about Johnny Chung Lee, a student from Carnegie Mellon, school of computer science who is using Wii hardware to interact with computer applications.

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