Monday, July 02, 2018

Oracle Linux - Caddy Server in OL7 Docker container

Today we pushed the first version of a Oracle Linux based Caddy server Docker image to the public Docker Hub. The Caddy webserver is seen as one of the most security minded webservers and is known to be not vulnerable for a large number CVEs. The main objective of the Caddy webserver is to provide a security first webserver.

For developers and DevOps teams who want to adopt Caddy Server, it is now available in a Oracle Linux 7 Docker Container on the OracleLinuxWorld docker hub page. You can pull the image with a:

docker pull oraclelinuxworld/ol7slim-caddyserver

The code for the Oracle Linux based Caddy Server container is available on the OracleLinuxWorld Github page. In case of any issues or requests; please raise a request on github.

When deploying your HTML code, the home directory for the Caddy server is /var/www/html where you can deploy all files you want to serve with Caddy. 

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