Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oracle JET - use clean JSON array data

Oracle Jet can be used to build modern web based applications. As part of the Oracle Jet project a set of examples and cookbooks have been created by Oracle which can be used to learn and build upon. The examples work in general perfectly good, however, at some places some optimizations can be done.  One of the examples is how data is put into the examples for the graphs. Building on an example for the bubble graph we have the below data set (in the original form):

The above example will work perfectly correct. As you can see it is a JSON like structure. If I run the above in JSONlint it will state it is not a valid JSON structure.

If we change the above into the below, we will have a valid JSON structure. Using a valid JSON structure is a better solution and will make things more easy when you use a REST API to get the data instead of using static data.

As the functionality is the same, the best way is to ensure we use a valid JSON structure. 

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