Monday, February 13, 2017

Oracle Cloud - introducing the Open Oracle Public Cloud API library

Today we will be introducing the Open Oracle Public Cloud API library. The Open Oracle Public Cloud API library or OPC_API_LIB is an open source library of functions written to make it more easy for developers to code against the Oracle Public Cloud API's and ensure integration. The open source project is licensed by the GNU General Public License and is available free for everyone. The project is not an Oracle project, it is a community project.

To support developers, DevOps teams, continuous delivery teams, system incinerators and everyone with the need to interact with the Oracle Public Cloud in a programmatic manner can make use of this API library.

The main intend is to take a away the burden of fully dive into the details of the inner workings of the Oracle Public Cloud API's and provide an abstraction layer in the form of the library which can be used to code against.

The current release is a extreme small subset of functions and the intention is to grow the number of functions in the library in the upcoming time. As main language currently bash has been selected as the primary language for the library.

All the main code for the Open Oracle Public Cloud API library will be available on github.

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