Monday, June 06, 2016

Oracle DBaaS Cloud Listener

When developing a private database cloud to provide Database as a Service (DBaaS) solutions to internal customers this will require a different way of looking at common concepts opposed to more static environments. In the attached paper the concept of the Cloud Listener is explained. The Cloud Listener concept is a concept based upon the Oracle Remote listener concept which is more commonly used in environments.

Using the concept of the Oracle Remote Listener to have user connecting to the database is an ideal concept to enrich the experience of a private cloud serving databases as a service to internal users.

This concept, as outlined in the paper, is a tested and proven solution which has been implemented by the authors at customers who use large numbers of databases in a highly agile environment. The environment where this has been used are commonly full Oracle based environments where the overall IT footprint consists out of private cloud deployments based upon Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise manger (including all self service options available within OEM).

The above whitepaper is written by Peter Lengkeek and Johan Louwers.

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