Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Exalogic and Oracle Ops Center

Oracle Exalogic, as part of the Oracle Engineered systems portfolio, can be completely managed by making use of Oracle Enterprise Manager. It is within the strategy of Oracle to ensure all products can be tied into Oracle Enterprise Manager as the central maintenance and monitor solution for the enterprise. Traditionally Oracle Enterprise Manager finds its roots in a software monitor and management tool and is traditionally not used for hardware monitoring and maintenance. Oracle OPS center, originally from Sun, is build for this tasks.

Oracle has integrated the two solutions, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle OPS center to form a single view. Even though under the hood it are still two different products you see that the integration is getting more and more mature and that the two products startt to act as one where the OEM12C core is used for software tasks and the OPS core is used for hardware tasks. The below image shows the split of the two products.
As the Oracle Exalogic engineered system consists out of a solution containing both hardware and software you will see that managing one or more instances of Oracle Exalogic will require you to have both products configured and work together to provide a full end-to-end monitoring and maintenance solution.

The below video gives a short introduction of the capabilities of Oracle OPS center in combination with Oracle Exalogic.

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