Monday, April 21, 2014

Security: How to Focus on Risk that Matters

Security is one, or should be one, of the most important areas in your entire IT landscape. It should be on the priority list in all layers of your IT organisation and everyone should be aware and involved up to a certain level. Issue with security is that it is not always clear where you need to put your focus, which parts are important and which parts are less important (however still important). The people at Rapid7 have put together a nice webcast to help you understand some more about how to put priority to certain things in your security strategy.

You can watch the recording of this webcast here:
All assets aren’t created equal – and they shouldn’t be treated the same way.  Security professionals know the secret to running an effective risk management program is providing business context to risk.  However, It’s easier said than done. Every organization is unique: all have different combinations of systems, users, business models, compliance requirements, and vulnerabilities.  Many security products tell you what risk you should focus on first, but don’t take into account the unique make up and priorities of each organization.

Night Vision For Your Network: How to Focus on Risk that Matters

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