Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oracle Enterprise Manager plugin development PortARUId

Oracle Enterprise Manager is promoted by Oracle as the default monitoring and maintenance solution from Oracle. Oracle has provided numerous monitoring solutions for a growing number of systems. However, due to the fact that Oracle will not be able to create functionality for all systems that might be a candidate for monitoring and maintenance by Oracle Enterprise Manager there is an extensibility option. Oracle provides the option to develop your own plugins for Oracle Enterprise Manager and by doing so extend the capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager for your own company or to create a commercial product with it.

In essence Oracle Enterprise Manager provides capabilities to monitor targets on a diverse number of operating systems. When developing a custom plugin you might develop this for a specific platform. For example, the plugin you develop is only applicable on Linux systems and not on Windows systems. To ensure that your plugin will only be used on those platforms you can limit the deployment options during the development phase.

One of the base files in your plugin creation is the plugin.xml file which provides the general information about your plugin and tells Oracle Enterprise Manager how to handle this plugin. In this file you also have the option to limit the number of operating systems that can handle the plugin and should be able to be discovered and on which it can be deployed. When developing a plugin which is not usable on all platforms this is of special interest.

Within the plugin.xml you can define a number of things and among them the type of operating system where the plugin can be hosted (on the Oracle Enterprise Manager Management server) as well as which deployed agents are applicable to use the plugin based upon the target operating system and you can controle which targets should be discovered as potential deployment target for this plugin.

PluginOMSOSAruId: the PluginOMSOSAruId within plugin.xml is to state which Oracle Enterprise Manager Management server are applicable of running this plugin. In almost all cases this is applicable for all operating systems as the extensiability framework part on the management server is protecting you (up to a certain level) from making decisions that will limit this. Due to this the value is commonly set to 2000 which refers to “all”

<PluginOMSOSAruId value="2000">

Within the certification section of the plugin.xml file you can define the applicable operating systems on both agent and discovery. Both are defined as a component type as can be seen in the below example:

<Component type="Agent">
<PortARUId value="46" />
<PortARUId value="226" />
<Component type="Discovery">
<PortARUId value="46" />
<PortARUId value="226" />

Correct values for component type are:
Agent (Management Agent component)
Discovery (Discovery component)

Correct values for PortARUId are:
46 (Linux x86 (32-bit))
212 (AIX 5L and 6.1 (64-bit))
226 (Linux x86-64 (64-bit))
23 (Solaris Sparc (64-bit))
267 (Solaris x86-64 (64-bit))
233 (Microsoft Windows x86-64 (64-bit))

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