Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vine will push the VCA industry

As it turns out Vine is currently the fastest growing app in the world. Vine is a app developed by the people behind twitter and it provides you the option to record a video of only a couple of seconds and share this directly on facebook or via twitter. In some sense it can be seen as the Instagram for video content. Previously people had the option to share their daily life via social media primarily via text, added to this are now platforms that enable you to share in the form of pictures you take with your mobile phone. With Vine those options are now expanding to video. Already other social media companies are implementing video capabilities. For example Instagram is adding video capabilities to their app. Instagram, a Facebook company is trying hard to push Vine out of the market as you can also read on this arcticle.

A "downside" of this new option however is that analyzing and mining meaning out of a video is much harder compared to doing this from text. Companies are already picking up on implementing systems where they harvest for example twitter messages to find people who talk about their product and brand or who talk about products and services offered also by their company. 

One part of the newly upcoming technologies has been looking for a place to fit in. The VCA or Video content Analysis segment of the market has been looking into security and surveillance solutions. Primarily used for analysing surveillance camera feeds. As video content is getting more and more a place in the social media arena the demand for software that can analyse the content of those videos will also grow. This will be a field of expertise where most likely companies who have been working on security VCA solutions can step into the social analytics game. 

The major downside of VCA is that it is a resource intensive and currently is still experiencing a high level of faulty outcomes. Far from being mature however this sector of the IT industry could grow to heights as we see the number of video content enablers grow. 

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