Monday, December 03, 2012

Find developers for your startup

When you are working on a new product or when you are building a startup tech company it is hard to find the right people to join your startup. In many cases a department who working on a new concept or a group of people who are working on a idea and trying to build a startup company around it are tight on budget. You do want to hire directly the right people with the right skills and do not have the time to make a mistake in your hiring process.

When you are a startup you will not have a HR department nor do you have a big funding to get a headhunter to find the correct person for your. Due to this you see a lot of startups filled with people who know someone already working for you. This however can limit you a bit because you do depend on the social circle of your employees.

The people behind "Work for Pie" have build a solution for this. They have had a lot of experience in building a social network for opensource software developers to find the correct developer for a opensource project. Recently they have launched Work For Pie for Companies. On this platform companies can interact with developers to find the correct person. You can see it a bit as a mix between linkedin, a dating site and a job site.

Robert Scoble interviewd the people behind "Work for Pie" for his show rackspace show where he is interviewing people behind the new tech startup companies. helps you build a showcase of your work, which takes less than 10 minutes. This showcase is much better than an old-style resume. Here the founders explain why in our group of startup interviews at Techcrunch Disrupt.

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