Wednesday, February 22, 2012

linkedin buzzwords

Most people have created a resume at some point in their career when they where looking for a new job. The interesting part and the interesting question when creating a resume, or letter of recommendation, is always; how do I stand out between the others. People have been looking at ways to phrase and re-phrase parts of their resume just to be able to standout. When all the resumes where looked into the person who was looking into them could find out (if he bothered to do so) what the most popular phrases (buzzwords) where that where used. This however would require some manual "computation" on paper resumes.

Nowadays most people do have a linkedin account so we could potentially do a data mining action on all the digital linkedin profiles and find out what the buzzwords of today are when it comes to describing your career and yourselves as professionals. Linkedin has done this in 2010 and now also for 2011 with the following results for the united states:
It turns out that the top 10 buzzwords in the united states over 2011 used on linkedin where: Creative, Organizational, Effective, Extensive Experience, Track Record, Motivated, Innovative, Problem Solving, Communication Skills and Dynamic. 

Also included in the blog post in the LinkedIn blog is a infographic showing the top buzz words used on LinkedIn globally.

For all people looking for a job or updating their LinkedIn profile the big question now is; if I use those words will it help me or not? Will I stand out if I do not use them or do future employers expect me to use those words.......

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