Monday, October 25, 2010

Oracle VM Agent

When you install a Oracle VM server this is only a single part of your infrastructure. You can potentially run only the Oracle VM server however if you want to make use of the options provided by a central Oracle VM Manager you will have to make sure that your Oracle VM server will be able to communicate with this centralized server.

The mechanism to do this is a Oracle VM Agent which runs on the Oracle VM server and will make sure that you can control this from your central Oracle Management Server. During the installation of the Oracle VM Server you can set the password for your Oracle VM Agent. (see below)

If you want to control your VM agent after installing it you can make use of the ovs-agent command. This can be found as a script in /etc/init.d or you can make use of the "service ovs-agent" option.

Besides the standard things you might expect from a script in /etc/init.d like stop, start, restart and status you also have the option configure. when you use the configure option you can reconfigure things like your VM agent password, IP configuration and such. A example can be seen below:

[root@vms0 init.d]# ./ovs-agent configure
;network access control by ip --
;rules := if addr.match(allow) and not addr.match(deny): return True
;pattern items delimited by comma and could be
; #single ip
;219.142.73.* #range
; #range in CIDR format
;default to allow all, deny none
now allow=*

now deny=

;share_disk_pat --
;set the directories for searching sharable block devices
;directories should be seperated by ':'
;if not set, /dev/mpath/* will be used
now share_disk_pat=/dev/mpath/*

now disk.sparse.ratio=0.25

would you like to modify password to communicate with agent (local)?[y/N]

OVS Agent configuration done.

Tell agent to reload cache ...
Agent cache reloaded.
[root@vms0 init.d]#

when you use the option status you can see what is running when you use ovs-agent

[root@vms0 init.d]# ./ovs-agent status
ok! process OVSLogServer exists.
ok! process OVSMonitorServer exists.
ok! process OVSAgentServer exists.
ok! process OVSPolicyServer exists.
ok! process OVSRemasterServer exists.
ok! OVSAgentServer is alive.
[root@vms0 init.d]#

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